Safe Pass letters are back

Safe Pass Waterford Letter

Good news folks;

The Health and Safety Authority(HSA) has advised SOLAS on the content of a Confirmation Of Attendance statement that would be acceptable to the HSA inspectorate of evidence of The Successful Completion of a Safe Pass course.

Only original letters will be accepted

Only original letters will be accepted by the HSA which means that photocopies, scans and email copies of the letters should not be accepted on site.

How long will be valid for and what format ?

It is intended that confirmation letter will be valid valid for 15 working days from the stated completion of the above Safe Pass course. The letter will contain the name of the participant and the date that the course was completed, also included will be the Name and contact details of the tutor and if the course has been organised through an Approved SOLAS Training Organisation(ATO) their address and contact details will be on the letter also.

The letter printed on Company headed paper will also include signatures of the Tutor and the Participant.

Is the letter valid thou ?

If you are in doubt of the validity of a letter from Killian Mc Grath, Safe Pass Tutor when handed in on site, please contact us via email using the address on the letter and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Safe Pass Card Print Cycle

  • Day 0, Participant completes Safe Pass course
  • The following day all course details are uploaded to the SOLAS online card management system
  • From 28th May 2019, within 3 working days of receiving the uploaded applications the cards will be sent off to the printer by SOLAS to get them printed
  • Printers will have 3 working days to dispatch the cards to Killian Mc Grath.
  • Killian has 2 working days to send out the cards
  • An post will deliver the card within 2 working days

The above is based on maximum deliverable time which could be as much as 11 working days, however if everything lines up then the turnaround time could be as little as 6 days.