Quality Assurance System

Southsafe Training Quality Assurance

From the moment that the learner starts the online training our Assurance System kicks into place

Bespoke software to photograph the learner

At regular intervals during the course the learner will be requested to photograph themselves attending the course, the learner will get a warning of 6 seconds so that they can align themselves for the photograph

When the final certificate is published it will contain various photographs of the learner during the course, this process will provide assurance to employers that their employee did indeed sit the course

Inactivity Monitor

From that the learner engages in the course a timer is started, this timer checks at regular intervals to ensure that the learner is engaged, should the learner not be engaged then they will not be able to proceed with the course until they spend the allocated time engaging with the course

Evidence of Assessments

On some of our courses we require a learner to complete practical assessments to pass the course. We have instructional videos embedded within the course to make the learner aware of what we require, the learner will then video themselves completing the assessments using a smartphone. We can accept the media by a dedicated WhatsApp number, email or cloud sharing

Authentication of Assessments

Our qualified instructors will review the media, they will:

  • Visually identify the learner as the one that participated in the course
  • Assess any practical elements to our standard
  • Issue certification to the learner

Learner Feedback

Feedback to the learner is important to us and the learner, at the assessment stage our instructors may either pass the learner or may decide that an assessment must be retaken. If required A sheet containing all instructor feedback will be sent to the learner and an opportunity to revisit the course content so that the learner can be deemed competent in the given assessments

Sample Manual Handling Certificate

Certification Date

The date on your Manual Handling Certificate or your Abrasive Wheels certificate will be the date that the theory was completed