Manual Handling eLearning Course


Complete your online course in two steps

  1. Theory part of the course completed in approximately 70 mins
  2. Submit your video practical using Whatsapp, email or file sharing

Our transparent pricing includes both theory and practical for full certification.


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Certified Manual Handling Training Course as Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Complete your online course
  2. Submit your video practical using Whatsapp, email or file sharing
  3. Southsafe FETAC/QQI qualified instructors review your video and issue a full manual handling certificate to successful candidates


Q. Is this a valid business or a scam?

A. No its valid, the course is presented by QQI FETAC Level 6 qualified Manual Handling instructors and we are all Health & Safety professionals. We have been involved in Manual Handling training for almost 20 years

Q. How long does it take to complete the online course?

A. From start to finish the course takes approximately 1hr 20mins, however some users take longer and some take less

Q. If I get called away so i have to start the course all over again?

A. No, you can start stop anywhere you wish, you can take breaks. And when you come back you will just pick up from where you left off on the course

Fully Certified Online Manual Handling Training course

Q. Why is there a need to take pictures during the online course?

A. Its all part of our Quality Assurance Policy, for us to certify you we have to ensure that the person sending in the Manual Handling practical assessments is the person sitting in front of the device

Q. How long will the practical videos take me?

A. Going by our current users most videos are approximately 5-10 mins performing the lifts. You are not expected to edit the videos, just send them in as they are.

Q. How long does it take to get my Manual Handling Certificate?

A. Allow 24 hrs for us to review the video, but normally we issue certs each evening as most of our users need the Manual Handling Certificate for the following morning

Q. What date will be on the Manual Handling Certificate?

A. The Manual Handling Certificate will be dated the same day as the theory part of the course was completed