Why Choose Elearning

Your course in your time

  • Its your course at your pace !, In a classroom style learners can be subject to peer pressure which can either hold them back or force them to be rushes through the course.
  • We all have bad days or other things going on in our lives around us, eLearning with Learnsafe allows us to take a course whenever and however it suits us
  • Sometimes we have too much information in too little time, eLearning suits our busy lifestyles. Courses on learnsafe.ie over a period of hours or days

Cost Effective

  • No need to rent out a venue, with eLearning the venue is a PC, tablet or phone
  • Production does not have to stop while all employees attend a course, with https://learnsafe.ie/ courses can be completed one employee at a time or all together
  • Save time with Human Resources in having to contact or organise employees
  • ELearning is a life saver as if an employee happens to be out sick then the course can be held at any time, no more having to reschedule courses to suit employees now the course is available anytime, anywhere