Complete our Online Manual Handling Training

Successful participants completing Online Manual Handling Training will receive a full FETAC accredited manual handling training certificate.

Online Manual Handling Training

Our Online training Program for Manual Handling is a web based interactive training system. Our E-Learning Manual Handling Training program is more than just a video video that will play in the background while the trainee does something else. Learners are required to complete 6 training modules all of which have a competency based assessment at the end of them with a full assessment at the end.

Course Objectives

When this course is compete, you will be able to:

  • Carry out manual handling tasks to a recognized standard.
  • Complete risk assessment before carrying out manual handling tasks.
  • Identify ergonomic factors related to their work activities.
  • Complete the five basic lifts in Manual Handling.

Using the latest mobile technology and internet innovations

webcam proctor

We can deliver a fully interactive training program online. Our bespoke software can also verify the learner by using a webcam proctor to photograph the learner on their journey. The learner must achieve a minimum of 75% in all of the assessments in order to successfully complete the training.

Employees must be trained

Poor or incorrect manual handling accounts for one third of all workplace accidents in Ireland each year. While manual handling training is not the complete solution to all of these accidents it is part of the solution.

Both employer and employees have duties for manual handling under the General Applications Regulations. Employees must be trained to manually handle correctly including the use of any equipment their employer provides to handle loads safely.

Practical Assessment

Our Online training Program for Manual Handling requires learners to submit video evidence of themselves performing the 5 most common lifts in the workplace. Our FETAC Qualified instructors will then assess the lifts and either issue a full manual handling certificate or provide feedback to the learner and ask them to perform the lifts again.

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Training is the beginning not the end

Manual handling training does not stop with this training. The employee should be trained for specific tasks in the workplace by their employer. Employers must also risk assess task and if possible try to subistute the manual labour with mechanical aids or reduce the weight of loads.