Safe Pass letters are no longer valid

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29th May 2019

SOLAS has requested that tutors no longer give out letters

As of 10th May 2019 it will be no longer possible to get a letter on the day of the course stating that the learner was successful completing the Safe Pass, this is due to fraudulent letters being furnished on some sites by some operatives. Only valid cards are being issued going forward.

But how long will a card take to get issued

In the early days of Safe Pass card could take up to 6 months to be processed and returned back to participants as the process was labour intensive, moving with the times SOLAS has implemented an online Card Management System where applications can be uploaded on a 24/7 basis, from there the system is automated and the cards are returned to the tutor in a matter of days rather than months. As a result of this construction sites will no longer accept letters only valid Safe Pass cards

What the law says

25. (1) Every contractor or other person under whose direct control persons work on a construction site shall ensure that each of those persons, in this Regulation called a “worker”-

(a) is in possession of a valid safety awareness registration card……..

Construction Regulations 2013

As per legislation, the Safe Pass letter is not legally valid !

What does that mean to me ?

Participants completing Safe Pass are required to take note of the following turnaround time for the issue of Safe Pass cards and ensure that they complete the course in a timely fashion to allow for the turnaround times in Safe Pass card production

SOLAS Update 21st May 2019

From 28th May 2019 the cards will be send to the printers twice weekly, Tuesdays & Fridays. this should reduce the maximum wait time from 13 to 11 working days after the course until the learner receives the card by post

Safe Pass Card Print Cycle

  • Day 0, Participant completes Safe Pass course
  • The following day all course details are uploaded to the SOLAS online card management system
  • From 28th May 2019, within 3 working days of receiving the uploaded applications the cards will be sent off to the printer by SOLAS to get them printed
  • Printers will have 3 working days to dispatch the cards to Killian Mc Grath.
  • Killian has 2 working days to send out the cards
  • An post will deliver the card within 2 working days

The above is based on maximum deliverable time which could be as much as 11 working days, however if everything lines up then the turnaround time could be as little as 6 days.

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