Safe Pass for COVID

The below information is outdated since 15th April 2021

Due to Lvl 5 restrictions Safe Pass is currently suspended, however if you fall into the category below we can provide safe pass training for you.

Looking for a Safe Pass course ?
Looking for a Safe Pass course ?
Do you
a Safe Pass Card
already ?
Do you…
Did your
card expire
1st March
Did your…
We can Help !
You may complete a Safe Pass course subject to the conditions below
We can Help !…
Non essential projects are not permitted under the current restrictions, therfore you do not require a Safe Pass
Non essential projects are not…
Are you…
Safe Pass cards from 1st Ma…
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So what happens next?

Your application has to be pre-approved by SOLAS:

  1. The company seeking to put a persons on the course needs to provide us with an evidence (letter on headed paper) at the that the work they are carrying out is approved and is essential for the economic viability of the state. 
  2. They must list the approved projects and give a description of the work , the Site location and number of employees who need Safe Pass.
  3. The letter needs to be signed, dated, scanned and sent to us in PDF to the contact details below.
  4. We will then send you back another form to be completed signed, dated, scanned and sent to us in PDF.
  5. We will apply to SOLAS on your behalf for you to attend a course.
  6. On approval from SOLAS and when we get the minimum numbers to run a course, we will schedule a date and contact you.

Where will the course be held?

How much will the course cost?

The course cost will be €185.00 payable in advance

Suitable candidates:

  • Persons who are working in an essential project and whose card expired prior to March 2020 (cards from 1st March 2020 are still valid)
  • New entrants, candidates that are contracted recently (specialist coming from abroad to work in essential projects) but never completed the course.
  • Apprentices (need letter from prospective employer)

Please Contact Us for more details

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