Safe Pass Expiry Extended

Safe Pass Cards Extended

The Construction Regulations which requires the operators on construction sites to be in possession of a valid Safe Pass has been amended to allow for the COVID-19 Crisis.

Whats the deal

Your safe pass card will remain valid if:

  • It expired after the 1st March 2020
  • The COVID-19 Emergency remains in place

See Legal jargon below

S.I No. 102 of 2020 Provides:-

“3. Schedule 4 (as amended by Regulation 4 of the Regulations of 2019) to the Principal Regulations is amended by inserting after paragraph 2 the following paragraphs:

3. Notwithstanding paragraph 2, arising from the cessation of the delivery of the SOLAS Safe Pass training programme during the Covid19 emergency, and for the period of such cessation, where the 4 year period referred to in that paragraph expires after 1 March 2020, the safety awareness registration card concerned shall be regarded as valid.

4. For the purposes of paragraph 3, “Covid-19 emergency” means the situation resulting from the spread in the State of the disease caused by infection with the virus SARS- CoV-2, being a disease specified as an infectious disease in accordance with Regulation 6 of, and the Schedule to, the Infectious Diseases Regulations 1981 (S.I. No. 390 of 1981), or any variant of the disease so specified as an infectious disease in those Regulations.”.

When does this come into effect

The new Statutory Instrument allows the extension of the expiry date of Safe Pass cards for the duration of Covid-19 with immediate effect.

Copy of the amendment below

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