Coronavirus COVID-19

Unless you have been living under a rock with the past month or so you should be well aware of the Coronavirus.

What are we doing

  • We are organising our training room to ensure that the room layout is such that we can keep people apart from each other during the course
  • We are ensuring that adequate handwashing facilities are available
  • We have secured some hand sanitizer(Tis like gold dust) that will be available to participants on the course
  • We are asking people to be aware of the symptoms and should have any of the symptoms then they can reschedule the date free of charge
  • We will have signage up and all around the place to make people aware of the symptoms – Just in case they were under that rock
  • Before each course we will have a small talk with the group about Coronavirus COVID-19 to create awareness

What can you do

Before you book into a course please make be aware of the following

Social Distancing of the learners

Manual Handling Course Social Distancing

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